Homemade Natural Remedy

 Olive oil with olives
1) Slimmer body with olive oil
Olive oil is loaded with mono unsaturated fats which are known to slow or halt the oxidation of LDL cholesterol into it's artery clogging form. For those who want a slimmer body, practice consume one tablespoon of olive oil on every breakfast. It actually can help burn fat up to 3 times faster and also increase body metabolism. If it is difficult to swallow olive oil just by itself, prefer to take it with salad. Surely, it will work.

Betelnut tree
 Galanga rhizome
2) Overcome skin disease naturally
Embarrassed by a weird looking bright spot on the body. Overcome it by trying these tips. Actually, white patches is a fungal infection of the skin known as tinea versicolor which may cause by lot of sweating in some body area. First, finely mashed betelnut young shoots with galanga rhizome until it pulverized. Then simply rub it onto the affected area every night before bed. Leave it overnight. With God willing, it will gradually recover.

Aloe vera
3) Tips to treat toothache
Aloe Vera is another effective herb that is widely used to treat various skin and mouth disorders including tooth pain other than raw onion and peppermint. If you have a toothache, get the jelly content of Aloe vera. Put it on the toothache area and leave it there for 2 to 3 hours. As result, the pain will gradually disappear.

 Winged bean
4) Reduce the pain of miscarriage
Women who suffer abortions will usually feel pain in the stomach area. Deal it by using the root part of Goa bean or sometimes known as winged bean Firstly, clean the root of winged bean throughly. Then boil a handful of it with sufficient amount of water for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, drink a cup of the broth everyday in the morning and evening. Just add a little bit of sugar for better taste. Practice this until fully recovered.

5) Reduce the risk of jaundice in infants
To prevent infant jaundice after giving birth, preferably at 8 months of pregnancy, the mother can practice eating cooked okra. It is more effective when eaten raw as salads with other vegetables on regular basis. Undercooked okra is a good choice if it seems difficult to eat raw okra.

Malabar Melastone 
6) Treat mouth ulcers traditionally
Ulcers in the mouth can sometimes be too painful, especially to infants and childrens. To make it heal faster you can put little pieces of white Straits Rhododendron on the ulcer. This small fruit is also known with its scientific name as Melastoma malabathricum aka Malabar Melastone or known as 'senduduk' in Malaysia. Eventually, the ulcer will heal in a shorter time than usual.