How to Store Fresh Herbs?

Fresh herbs are rare finds in the market nowadays. Though many consumers prefer to have them, preservation that groceries swear by can't keep up with the demand. This is why building your own herb garden isn't a bad idea at all. If you have already started this endeavor, you may already be facing some problems on how to store your well-cared for harvest. So, here are a few tips:

Keep Clean
After cutting off herbs, it is best for you to wash them with cool, clean water. Be sure to be gentle in doing so to prevent unnecessary damages. Dry them out by shaking the excess water. There are some herbs which need to be taken out the water from its stem such as basil and other products with big leaves. For smaller leaves, however, it is not a standard to part the components.

After taking the necessary cleaning interventions for your herbs, it's time to learn how to store them properly. The immediate action for you after cleaning is drying out the excess water. Then, put them in a clean and soft clothing material such as sturdy tissue paper. In the refrigerator, the best place for the herbs is the crisper or the box at the lowest portion of the appliance. Skip the option of plastic storage as this will risk quality and freshness.

There are a variety of methods to dry your herbs. The following are the four most popular ones:
• Combine similar herbs in a bunch and tie them up with a string made of cotton. Let it dry naturally by hanging upside down in a warm place for a couple of weeks. If the place is dusty, you could wrap them in a paper material and let it stay for a month.
• Remove seeds from the body of plants and let it dry in a paper bag. Tie the remaining parts of the herbs and let it stay for 3 weeks.
• Another way is for you to literally put the herbs underneath the sun's warmth. Put them in screen and spread evenly so coating is equal. Be sure to cover them accordingly to avoid the air from driving them away.
• To hasten the drying process, it is also acceptable for you to dry them in an oven! Just keep the temperature to 150 degrees. Just line it up with parchment paper that is evenly holed for better results.

Other Concerns
Overall, the best way to store your fresh herbs and preserve its freshness is through an airtight container as it will trap the aroma inside. Don't forget to put labels on all jars so as to prevent confusion and wrong usage. To enhance the flavor and color for an extended period of time, place the containers in dry and dark rooms to slow down damage made by bacteria or fungi.